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Apr 7, 2014 02:49 PM

Forget the Archives, let's talk Plainfield!

Somebody seems to be digging in the archives, I just realized that I responded to a thread that's 3 years old!

This brings up a big question: who here is exploring the restaurants in Plainfield today? I will sometimes get Colombian at Tropicana - a place so obscure that it isn't even on Yelp.

What are you finding there?

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  1. This is before my Chowhound days, but the first job I had (1999-2000) was on New Durham Road. Right down the street by 287 was a deli that was open only until 3 or so. I went there almost every day for lunch and this place was packed. The sub I grew to love the most was their hot roast beef sub with gravy. You don't see a lot of delis doing that sort of thing but it was amazing. One of my first true food loves.

    Just found it. It's super duper deli. That place was awesome.

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      Too funny, I started my company at 999 New Durham Rd. in 1990. By 99' I was already out of the area having moved to Monmouth County. I think I remember the Super Duper Deli it was on Talmage Rd, not New Durham correct?

      To the OP, I'm not sure there are many dining options in Plainfield besides a few of the ethnic places you seem familiar with already. The only place that is still around from my day's in the area is Giovanni's on South Ave. They have been there at least 40 years.

      About a mile before Givoanni's on the same side of the street there was an excellent restaurant Caruso's back in the day. As the matter of fact I got engaged there. It changed hands at least 10 years ago, I still stop in if I'm in the area, grab lunch or something. The name escapes me but it's been decent every time I've stopped in. Other than that I'm at a loss for many other options in Plainfield.

      Other than that I'm going to throw a plug in for the pizza place I grew up on. Tony's Pizza in the older Plaza on Park Ave. and Oak Tree Road in South Plainfield. I grew up not far from there and boy was the best pizza in the world. Same owner you will still see him there occasionally and I will stop by for a slice if I'm hungry or not. lol Also had the old school Gino's Italian Ice's!! Still addicted to those.

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        Oh Lordy Jr, you're not from Edison are you?

        1. re: Jerseygirl111

          Yes Ma'am! Moved there when I was 4 from Cateret and left for Monmouth County when I was 24.

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            JPS or EHS? Hubs went to JPS, Class of 85.

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              First graduating class of Bishop Ahr/St. Thomas Aquinas. Hubby might know some of my cousins.

              I was class of 89, although I stayed back in grammar school so should have been 88.

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                Too funny. I was just curious if you were FB friends with my husband and we didn't know it! His family lived on Revere Blvd-behind Gosselins-forever. I'm from Iselin.

                Sorry for the OT.

    2. Elma's Kitchen on South Ave near the Netherwood train station has pretty good Jamaican food, though I would not mind if the jerk chicken were hotter (spicier). Elma is a hoot!

      1. Texas Weiners, Watchung Ave.

        1. I just copied and pasted this from today's (April 8)Plaintalker II, Bernice Paglia's blog on Plainfield. I must confess, though I have lived in P'field for over 15 years, I am woefully ignorant of the mom & pop, mostly Mexican and Central American, places that are sprinkled all over the downtown. This one sounds like a place to try:

          The folks at Pollo Campero want you to help celebrate National Empanada Day (today) and their 43rd anniversary this month.

          Today, April 8, from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., they say, "Guests can visit any of the five Pollo Campero restaurants in New Jersey all day and receive a FREE hand-made empanada,which are made fresh daily with the restaurant’s famous Latin chicken and proprietary blend of spices."

          Plainfield's very popular Pollo Campero restaurant is at 301 East Front Street. The company began in Guatemala in 1971 and when it opened here, the lines were around the block. I'm told Guatemalans are one of the largest Latino groups in the Queen City.

          If you don't know an empanada from a quesadilla, this is your chance to sample one of Latin America's most popular food items.If I get out of the PMUA meeting early, I might just walk up Roosevelt Avenue to the Pollo Campero and get me one. And maybe some yuca fries.

          1. I don't go there much, but when I do it's for soul food and central american. Everything else I can find closer, but that's the only place for Guatemalan or Ecuadorian.

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              Just wondering if the Blackberries Soul Food Restaurant, featured on "Kitchen Nightmares," is still in existence? Has anyone been there, if it is? According to the episode on TV I saw, the only decent thing on the menu was the cake.

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                  I think there's a KN website that lists all the restaurants ever featured along with their current status. Just fyi.