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Apr 7, 2014 02:06 PM

'Stone Fortune' - A disappointing 'Hong Kong Cafe' experience.

I was running some errands in the neighborhood of Steeles and Warden when I drove past this eatery. Recalling it was mentioned positively by one of our fraternity member, we decided to drop in for lunch.

The place was small, cozy and modern, quite clean by Chinese eatery standard. It was still pretty full at around 2.30 pm.

We ordered the following set lunches and a la carte dish: ( Daily soup, beverage of tea or coffee were also included in the package ).

- ' Baked Pork Chop on fried rice in Tomato sauce'
- ' Sweet and Sour Pork on rice'
- ' Chinese style stirred fry beef with Tomatoes on rice'

First off, considering it was posted on the wall as a 'chef's special', the 'Tomato and beef on rice' was one huge disappointment. Portion size was extremely small when compared to similar dish from say, Richmond Court or Bayview Kitchen. In fact in was less than half the size! The beef was really tough and totally lacking of seasoning and luster. The pool of over-starched sauce was one dimensional and bland. A few strands of raw Scallions were put into the dish at the end, The bitterness of the uncooked greens rendering the dish even less attractive. I was too discontent to take photo of this one.

Portion of the Sweet & Sour pork was also on the small side when compared with some of its competitors. Taste wise, in this case, it was more acceptable with fairly balanced sweet and tart sauce and nice crunchy fried pork morsels. OK but nothing overly distinctive. Again, not worthy of the ' Gold Medal ' house special title.

The ever popular ' Baked Tomato sauce Pork Chop on Fried Rice ' was decent in size and presentation. Taste was a bit underwhelming when compare to say Richmond Court. The 2 pieces of pork chop were quite generous in size but lacking smokiness and crispiness from being under-seared. Again, the protein was quite tough.

For the portion size offered, price was not cheap. For the quality, I will not return.

The young lady serving us asked me suddenly at the end how my tomato beef was. I was lost for words!!

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  1. Hey Charles: Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the place as much as we did. We had different dishes....ox tongue in onion sauce served with rice & a bowl of brisket ho fun soup for 2 of us, so I can't comment on your particular experience. Agree though that the portions are not huge like some other HK cafes, however the portions we had were more than enough at lunchtime for us..different stomach elasticity I guess;-) We are talking about dishes in the $6-8 range including drinks, so no issues with the pricing for us as taste is our primary criteria for good value, but YMMV. I understand the new management has only been in place for a month or so, but I was encouraged enough to go again soon and will keep your comments in mind. The place is small and often crowded and myself hating crowds the trick is when to go. The name of the place is actually Fortune Stone Restaurant.

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    1. re: T Long

      Yup! I suspect we ordered the wrong dishes!
      Judging from how busy the place was, there must be things that's good to lure customers in!
      Thanks for correcting my mistake!

      May be I'll try OMG next?! Any idea as to what I should order?

      1. re: Charles Yu

        I don't think I've tried enough of OMG's menu to give a good opinion, but I've had their Ox tongue, Ox Tail, and pork chop dishes in the past. You should have no complaints about portion sizes with OMG;-)

      2. re: T Long

        I tried the ox tongue in onion sauce with rice and borscht today. I like OMG for taste. But thanks for the recommendations.

      3. Aside from Richmond Court, which HK Cafes would you recommend in the Markham area?

        1. 'Hollywood Cafe' in Market Village is decent.
          There's one next to Congee Wong in PeachTree/Kennedy Plaza ( Kennedy &Hwy7 ) which is pretty good. Forgot the name though. ( some Marine theme name? )