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Apr 7, 2014 01:32 PM

What's for Dinner #290 - April Showers/April Flowers Edition! [through April 12, 2014]

We are not having to wait until May for the spring flowers resulting from the rains that we have had. Already many of the daffodils are up, and the hyacinth should be bloomed before Easter. Though our temperatures haven't really cracked 60, it's nice to see the happy movement towards spring.

Tonight's dinner will be leftovers: there is a surfeit of fried chicken and fixings in the fridge just waiting to be heated up. What's on your table tonight?

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  1. I never did get any daffodils this weekend - I was at Trader Joe's yesterday, but it was in the morning and I didn't want them sitting in the car while Mom and I were shopping. I need to remedy that - I *need* bright and cheery flowers in the house!

    I think tonight will be some of Trader Joe's battered cod. I'll make a remoulade of mayo and seafood cocktail sauce for dolloping, and rice and peas alongside.

    Oh - and I now have a brandy-new kitchen faucet. I'm stupidly tickled pink at that. :-) I can wash dishes now without worrying about the water leaking all along the back of the granite counter and under the convection oven.

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    1. That may well be the case in yer neck of the woods -- here it's chilly at 40 degrees and pissing rain all day.

      I guess that puts me on the April showers side of the equation. Wah.

      Dinner plans are sushi and cocktails. That should take care of the winter blues '-(

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        Psssttt....lingua. It's better than that other four-letter precipitation word, right? :-)

        1. re: LindaWhit

          Who knows if we're done with that. I ain't holding my breath, that's for sure....

          1. re: linguafood

            Bzzzzzztttttt!!!! Hushuppayourmouth, missy! It's done, it's OVAH!!!

            The fat lady has sung! I don't have a good voice, but this fat lady has sung - so it's done! ;-)

      2. It's steak night - flap meat seasoned with Penzey's prime rib rub and some more of the fresh spinach from yesterday. I might have to whip out the TJs Hollandaise to accompany.

        1. Either grouper or halibut...bought both this weekend and can't tell which is which. I think last night was the halibut with a lemon/olive oil/butter sauce and carrots that over-wintered in the garden for the side. Tonight is the other fish with a pomegranate butter sauce. Green beans from the freezer (from last season's garden) on the side.
          And rain, rain, rain for the next day and a half :(

          1. Somehow like a doofus, I opened the wrong tab on my tablet and posted on 288. Recap:
            Ipulled a small container of chili from the freezer from last week or so. While I was out I went to the butcher and got some Kayem natural casing hot dogs. MMMchilicheesedogs. Baked potato salad ( not really baked, just baked potato toppings. Boiled red skinned potatoes) with bacon, cheddar, sour cream, brown mustard, celery, chives, onion, mayo, some ranch powder and pepper.
            Somehow the project of a water heater and tile has morphed into a whole wall coming down and painting that will need done. We have a nice canary yellow from another project that will be perfect for a laundry room. I hate construction. Old houses. Hmmph.

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            1. re: suzigirl

              Be thankful you have a house that is not in foreclosure and you can fix and paint it how you like!

              Let me know how the potatoes (salad) was...

              1. re: PHREDDY

                You are so right. Thanks for giving me some perspective. I sampled the potato salad while I was making it because I am not a recipe follower. I think once it marries for a while in the fridge it will be in my arsenal regularly. It was quite good.