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Apr 7, 2014 01:31 PM

Brooklyn Pilsner eruptions rumble on...

This is my second post on the topic.

Any B.P. fans out there getting the occasional geyser bottle? I just got several in the same 6 pack after several months of spew-free suds.

And is this a Brooklyn Brewery issue in general, or just the pilsner?

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  1. I don't drink the pilsner very often, but drink the lager all the time and have never seen it.

    1. Can't/won't brew their own flagships, but they can spend the time/money/effort to open a brewery in europe. I would be a fan of their lagers if I knew their wouldn't be a good chance of getting a diacetyl bomb. I would suggest moving on to another brand if they cant be trusted to deliver everytime. Plenty of quality beer to choose from these days.