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Mandalay Bay or near by - top picks - 3 nights

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Mandalay Bay or near by - top picks - 3 nights

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  1. Yusho (Monte Carlo)
    Robuchon (MGM)
    MiX (The HOTEL)

    1. Any restrictions on type of food or budget ? I agree w robuchon, and I suspect (having been in Chicago) that Yushon would be great. I'm less excited about Mix although love it for a beverage. Also recommend press at the four seasons for a low key beverage.
      I like a fair number of the choices at city center, including twist at the mandarin and sage at aria, as well as docg (more casual ) at the Cosmo.

      If the sky's the limit,I would probably do twist, rubochon, and Cut (for a Vegas steakhouse experience). You will be poorer, and your cardiologist will be richer, but it will be fun!