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Apr 7, 2014 01:14 PM

O&B Canteen

Could not find a dedicated Canteen thread so firing this one up.

The Canteen always does a special for Jays home game days. Last year they did the Knuckle Sandwich which was really good. This year they have corn dogs made with blue corn which are awesome.

Had them last night after a movie and loved it. Two corn dogs with fries is $12 and they have $5 Mill Street pints.

The food here has been kind of hit or miss since it opened. But seems they have a new chef in place now and the food has been exceptionally good in the last few months. The Shrimp and Cheese Grits dish is currently one of my faves in the city.

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  1. Good to know, I will be taking the kids to TIFF kids' festival and will end up here by default.. the corn dog will go over well.
    Oh wait, I guess it was a special. Maybe they will have some kid-friendly items for the festival too.

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      It's a gameday thing so if the kids' festival happens to be on a Jays home game they'll have the special on.

      The Canteen used to be the default place to grab food if we were seeing a film. We talked about how the food has been so enjoyable that we'd come by even if we were not seeing a film. I'd definitely go out of my way for those corn dogs again.

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        Slightly off topic but be sure to bring your kids to Digiplayspace too if you weren't planning to. It is really fun!

      2. I always assumed the pricing was reaaally out there. That seems decent for $12 and seems to be fair game these days.

        Will check it out.

        1. We had the Dugout Dogs again last night and they were awesome.

          Split the Green Bean Cesar to start and it was excellent. Blanched green beans, bacon, toasted lentils, and a garlic lemon dressing. Sounded odd on the menu but was fantastic.

          1. $12 for 2 corn dogs and fries


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            1. I was there before a movie last week and they seem to have improved a bit. Previous trips were barely meh - but last week the food was quite good. I had the fried calamari tacos: the calamari was crispy and tender, real corn tortillas, a yummy chile sauce and a good balance of fresh mango salad on top.