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Apr 7, 2014 12:23 PM

lunch near Marriott Marquis

Greetings from DC. Will be in Atlanta for a couple of days later this month, working/meetings in the Marriott Marquis. Dinners already spoken for, but am hoping to stretch my legs at lunchtime. Anything within a reasonable walk that is casual, good food (any type), not crazy expensive? Pretty broad question, i know - i appreciate your thoughts.

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  1. You might try White Oak Kitchen. It's an interesting place, although I tried it once and had a horrible service experience. Perhaps your experience will be better.

    1. Best lunch options are still down Broad Street in all the little dive spots. This old thread is still pretty accurate.

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        Absolutely. Lunch = Broad Street.

      2. rays in the city is pretty good

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          Ray's has been offering a $10 lunch menu, but it's none of their good entrees. Just burgers really. Unless you indulge in teh full menu $$, I wouldn't go.

        2. Finally made it to White Oak Kitchen for lunch and thought I'd add to this thread for others in the future. Carolinadawg was right about the service - SLOW even at an empty lunch service. And not just the food, but the waiter was even slow in visiting our table. I suspect our guy was new, so maybe they have high turnover based on low traffic? I was really surprised to hear they'd been open 2 years since I work just 3 blocks away and only heard about them in roughly the last 12 mons. Anyway, I think everyone was pleased with their food though there were a few comments about portion size vs price (a value issue). I had the vegetable plate and it was very good. Rather than a collection of sides, it was a nice saute of lots of in-season produce (purple potatoes, carrots, greens, cauliflower) all together in one dish. The only disappointing thing was that the waiter said the chef basically makes it up based on what's on hand that day or that he couldn't even tell me "today its blah blah" because it changes by the hour. Made me feel a bit like I was eating leftovers...not good marketing. The shrimp beignets were a tasty starter with a nice spicy white BBQ sauce, but i would call them more fritters or battered shrimp than beignets. A bit misleading in the title there. Sandwiches were very tasty according to my tablemates, and we shared a side of some really well done greens (debate at the table whether they were mustard or collard greens). All in all, a very nice, regional option, but too pricy and slow for a local for lunch. They must cater to the conference crowds. But the bar looked great with the big windows and view of the street, plus a big patio, so we might be back for happy hour instead.