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Apr 7, 2014 12:22 PM

Madrid Equivalent of Hisop/Cinc Sentits?

I dined at both restaurants in Barcelona with my father a very long time ago and now will be meeting my mother in Madrid for her 60th birthday. I am looking for recommendations with similar vibes to Hisop or Cinc Sentits. Both restaurants were very friendly and relaxed but still had exciting food.
Hope someone can help.
Tasting menu with wine pairings to keep on top of the bill :)

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  1. Lua might fit the bill for you. I had a wonderful dinner there a while back (late 2012) and believe it is still well regarded. Small place, not too dissimilar to those you mention. Chef was from Galicia but dishes drew from many regions of the country.

    1. Sorry to hijack your post - but since you have been to both would you recommend doing both in same trip? We have 4 days in BCN this September. I have been to CS (and loved it, definitely on the list), but I am looking at Hisop also.

      Are they too similar? Would you recommend an alternative to Hisop if already doing CS?

      Sorry again for not answering your question at all! :) TIA!

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        I went ages ago to both (2005) they were different enough that I think you could definitely do both. We thoroughly enjoyed both and would have highly recommended them at the time but who knows if things have changed.

        1. re: bvorono

          I agree…no issue with dining at both in the same week.