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Apr 7, 2014 12:21 PM

Thai Temple in Warren

This Sunday is the SongKran Festival (Thai New Year)
and the schedule is posted for the Sunday market.
04 & 18 May 2014
08 & 22 June 2014
06 & 20 July 2014
03 & 17 August 2014
07 & 21 September 2014
19 October 2014
02 November 2014

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  1. Nice. BTW, I think a lot of these same people are having a party at the K of C in Clawson the night before (Sat), as usual. Catered food from local Thai restos, so nothing too special in that regard, but the party atmosphere is pretty fun. Thai pop and folk music, with group dancing and lots of hugs and nostalgia to go around. I'll poke around for ticket info. Cash bar and the food tends to run out early.

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    1. re: VTB

      Songkran Party Night is April 19th 6:30 pm-12:00 at the K of C, tickets are $20.00

    2. I arrived ~10:40AM and the food court was open and well attended. I found a few new things this visit:

      - Sweet bean curd - pleasantly sweet, dessert-ish.
      - A baked pastry nugget that tasted of peanut

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      1. re: rainsux

        I arrived a few minutes after noon and found little left. Was told the Counsulor services being offered that day really brought out the crowd early.

        Next time I'll try to arrive earlier, and hope for more remaining selection.

        1. re: ak994

          the closest Thai Consulate is in Chicago so when they do the annual visit to the temple, it is super extra busy!

      2. I was told that their July 20th food court will include an
        open house, to honor their recently(?) deceased abbot.

        Also; if you want to learn to speak Thai, classes start
        this coming Saturday; 9:30-11:30.