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Easy Vegan Snacks

Anyone have any easy/quick/filling vegan snacks that are staples for them? Things that require little prep for lunches or when you need a little something to make it until dinner. If its something I could prep once or twice a week that is good cold, that works too.

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  1. Have you tried: Baked kale chips with nutritional yeast sprinkled on

    1. I've made homemade kale chips before - do they store well? They don't usually last too long and are a bit time consuming. Commercial ones seem a bit pricey. I've been eating the nori strips as an alternative when I need a low-cal salt fix.

      Trying to think of alternatives to nuts/trail mix, celery/apple and PB, or hummus. Maybe a bean or lentil salad? Bean dip and some tortilla chips?

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        They store well if in airtight container. You can always re crisp in oven. Whether you consider them time consuming or not is probably is subjective.

        When I was vegan I ate a lot of wheat thins with melted soy cheese and sour " supreme" made homemade guacamole often. Also made salsa and chicken salad with soy chicken and veganase. But this is all a lot of processed stuff. I used to eat it but I know some people aren't into it.

      2. I used to eat a lot of bananas and peanut butter, but I am also gf. Hummus and crackers are great. You can easily whip up a batch of hummus and keep it in the fridge all week. Other spreads work well too.

        I also will cut and eat half and avocado, make a smoothie with the immersion blender, munch on cold leftovers, make a taco out of the ever present taco shells, microwave a sweet potato, or eat any other assortment of odds and ends lying around the house.

        I usually shoot for whole foods in an easily consumable form with some little condiment for extra flavor, it keeps snacks more affordable.

        1. this takes prep once.. but it lasts a while.... but have you baked chickpeas? or made chickpea fries? .....Yummmmy

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            Good call girloftheworld,

            I was just going to post this recipe for Spicy Oven Roasted Chick Peas


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              I've had baked chickpeas, but haven't tried making them myself. I was also going to try to make socco, so I'll get a little extra flour and try frying it.

            2. Baked Pita Chips with home made hummus, baba ghanoush, Tapanade.

              baba ghanoush

              Guacamole with baked tortilla chips

              Carrot Chips

              Asparagus, Green Bean, and Wax Bean Salad

              Black Beans (Frijoles Negros)
              Use veggie oil

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                I had forgotten three bean salad! I like the asparagus twist even though it only has two beans.

                1. I always need an afternoon snack!
                  A few store bought minimally processed favorites:
                  - dry roasted edamame
                  - "energy nuggets" like these:
                  - health warrior chia bars (coconut is the best flavor!
                  )- snack mix with original puffins cereal, dk choco chips, salted almonds and whatever dried fruit is around
                  - primal strips vegan jerkey, i have tried and loved all the flavors (esp thai peanut!!) but the lime one is nasty

                  - a few strips or cubes of baked tempeh, i usually do something similar to this recipe:
                  - a few dates with almond butter
                  - chia pudding with coconut milk, vanilla, fresh berries
                  - baby carrots dipped in almond butter or whatever beany dip i have around
                  - spiced edamame, in the whole pods tossed with smoked salt and whatever spices i feel like that day
                  - this article/recipe is amazing!! More of a formula than anything (with actual recipes towards the bottom of it), i make mini sized ones- they freeze great!! I wrap individually before freezing and just grab from the freezer and its ready by midafternoon
                  - these granola nut clusters are aaaammmaazinnngg, i have a few with fresh fruit
                  - when i'm sick of hummus i like this lentil dip, i omit the creole seasoning since i have no idea what that is
                  - i also really like this carrot hummus which i love with raw snap peas, fennel, jicama, cherry tomatoes etc...
                  - a mug of tomato soup with a handful of quick oats stirred in as it heats up
                  - miso soup with extra tofu

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                    I really like fresh snap peas with hummus and adding carrots sounds marvelous. And I totally love the idea of almond butter with dates - I may have to sandwichify that.

                    Good to know about the primal jerky - I wonder if I could DIY something along those lines.

                    Thanks for all the suggestions!

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                      The primal jerkey is just flavored vital wheat gluten. I buy off of amazon- they're perfect for traveling since are good for months on end and fine room temp. There are various vegan jerkey recipes out there if you google them up- i've never had success....

                      Make date paste for a sandwich spread- pour boiling water over dates and let soak for half hour, drain almost all the water off and blitz with immersion blender or regular blender, (in a regular size blender its easier to do larger quantity). It will keep well in the fridge or even frozen

                  2. As I type this I'm munching on dried mango slices. I get them bulk from Fairway (unsweetened) and they're just the perfect little something to chew on when I get bored/ hungry during the day.

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                      if you're on the west coast, Trader Joe's sells unsweetend dried mango slices too

                    2. Hummus is even better with veggies than pita chips in my opinion...red bell pepper strips are yummy dipped in it...celery too!

                      1. Peas make a great dip with pesto type ingredients. Obviously no cheese but the nuts, oil and basil. You can puree as smooth or coarse as youl like.

                        Roasted red peppers are also really tasty as a dip. A silky tofu can really cut the biterness so it isn't all pepper.

                        1. trader joe's sells individually wrapped single=serving packages of roast almonds.
                          if you like do-it-yourself projects, get a couple of big bags of nuts from costco and make your own individual servings.

                          if i'm home, a tablespoon and the peanut butter jar work for me.

                          costco now sells tubs of ready made organic hummus

                          if all i have to work with is my freezer, i pour out some frozen peas and some frozen corn into a bowl and nuke until warm.
                          this is protein complete and easy to portion out.

                          1. Cashew "cheese" and crackers- we keep a batch of the cashew stuff in the fridge at all times, flavored with miso, nutritional yeast, sundried tomatoes....yum

                            Also, homemade or storebought granola is great for that 5pm tummy grumble......mine is simple but it works: oats and pecans. Sometimes it's necessary to add some dried fruit or even chocolate chips :)

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                              Do you have a recipe for the cashew cheese? The ones i have found seem very involved and would rather not deal with fermenting it either.....

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                                Sorry for the delayed reply. I have not vetted these recipes because I am just crazy enough to do the whole rejuvelac and fermentation thing for my cashew cheese (followed by my neighbor smoking it for me). They do look good, however: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-r... and

                            2. *Celery with almond butter
                              *kale chips (baked kale that is seasoned with turmeric)
                              *cucumber slices and hummus

                              1. chocolate coated roast almonds