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Apr 7, 2014 08:21 AM

Open for Easter - Downtown Cleveland

HI there - doing a little family roadtrip to Erie and Cleveland. Will find myself in downtown Cleveland Saturday - Monday of Easter weekend.

Will anything be open? Anything you'd recommend near Progressive Field and RRHoF? (and other landmarks...)


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  1. Bar Cento on West 25th Street should be open the whole weekend (including Monday). Many restaurants close on Mondays, so call ahead.

    1. Easter Sunday Jesus Christ will be the only thing risen in downtown Cleveland. There may be some dessicated ham on a hotel buffet somewhere.

      Saturday night should see the usual downtown restaurants on East 4th open.

      1. In addition to Bar Cento, Taza Lebanese Grill, downtown is open as is AMP 150, near the airport. No recommendation on either of the latter. Bar Cento is good casual food. Probably several places open for brunch on Sunday. Many restaurants close on Monday's so you will need to call around and/or check with your hotel concierge.

        1. There are obviously a lot of places doing an easter sunday brunch around cleveland. You might look at SOHO Kitchen & Bar, which is in the Ohio City neighborhood only a couple of minutes away from downtown by car (not walkable, but there are cabs at hotels, or we now also have lyft), I'm pretty sure they are doing brunch.

          Mondays a lot of sit-down places are indeed closed. Downtown, Lola and Greenhouse Tavern are open on Mondays.

          1. If you're a beer fan, Market Garden Brewery in Ohio City is open 364 days a year -- the only day they shut down is for an employee party in January.

            Chinato on East 4th is open Mondays, interesting Italian. Try the burrata appetizer. You can see Progressive Field from the bar windows.

            Don't know when you will be in Erie, but I highly recommend La Bella and Pineapple Eddie, both eclectic BYOB places.