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Kosher Fish/Deli Platter for Shiva Call- Coney Island Area

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I would like to bring a cold style fish platter (deli platter will do though) and looking for someplace kosher who will deliever to an apartment in Coney Island for a shiva call tomorrow. I know many people are already sending traditional nuts/dried fruit. Id like something different. Good quality is a must! Thank you.

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  1. Try calling Pomegranate or Mill Basin Deli and see if they can put something together for you. After tomorrow, Pomegranate is clearing out for Passover, so I don't know what they have right now. Neither are in Coney Island, but each is about a 10-15 minute drive depending on traffic.


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      Thank you! Thats right about Passover, almost forgot. Ill try both