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Apr 7, 2014 08:08 AM

Best accessories for a gas grill?

Looking to buy some grill related accessories as a birthday gift. He's got a lot of stuff already, rotisserie, pizza stone, a pan with holes in it... What else does the birthday boy need?

Thank you!


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  1. I just bought myself this: Reviews are iffy, but it's cheap enough to be worth doing a better job and not having grimy rags or peper towels to deal with.

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    1. I've been grilling/smoking a long time and, along the way, I've picked up a lot of fairly useless "accessories". This smoke-tube is a rare exception. The video pretty much tells it all and there is plenty more info to be Googled. Check it out.

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          Oh no! Now I'm conflicted. That's pretty much the same general idea of what grampart linked to, but specifically for a Weber gas grill?


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            I find the flat bottom smoker boxes work better than the V shaped ones. Make sure you get a stainless steel one or it wont last very long.

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              Keep in mind that you can cold smoke with the tube. That thing put out smoke for over 4 hours (half-filled) just sitting in my smoker box with no external heat.

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                No, I think for any with the zig zag grates at the bottom. :-)

          2. A spare aluminum 10lb propane bottle. Never rusts, cheap to fill, easy to store due to small size, and ready to replace the empty bottle midway through the cooking.

            1. Absolutely number one is hooking up to a propane system. I'm tied into my pool's propane heater line. Number two is a basket. We do shrimp, wrapped in prosciutto and basil leaves on skewers. One basket holds six skewers. Also great for chicken satay, even without skewers!

              1. I'm a big fan of grill grates: these things work really well. There was a steak cooking competition nearby and one of the contestants was on the local chanel doing a demo and he had these on his grill. The really cool thing is they release so much better than the standard grates that come with your grill, any grill.