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American breakfast

Hi L.A. Hounds, the family and I are visiting. Staying in San Gabriel area. Would love reco for American breakfast -- pancakes, omelets, etc -- on our way to universal studios (have had plenty of delicious Chinese breakfast -- the choices here are overwhelming, actually :) many thanks in advance.

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  1. If you are coming up the 101 freeway from SGV I would be inclined to try The Waffle http://thewafflehollywood.com/ in Hollywood just off the freeway on Sunset Blvd.

    1. Nickel Diner in DTLA

      1. Nick's Cafe is a classic! They make their own ham. Amazing biscuits and gravy, be sure to try the salsa! The Pantry is classic American also, ham & cheese omelet, pancakes and a good salsa also, Nick's is where I go 90% of the time!

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          +1 for Nick's Cafe.

          Get the deep fried home fries (yum!) and, in addition to their famous ham, and fab egg benedicts, their pancakes are surprisingly good.

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            If you decide on Nick's, go to Groupon and get to the Los Angeles pages -- there was a discount available just a couple days ago.

        2. The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Blvd at Fairfax has pancakes bigger than your head.

          1. Pie N Burger, Pasadena.

              1. Since you're jn the San Gabriel area m, I would recommend Twohey's at Huntington and Atlantic. http://www.twoheys.com/

                1. lee's hoagie house in pasadena is nearby and a lot of cops eat there. a lot of folks go for the breakfast burrito, but the pancakes and omelets are also top notch and quite reasonably priced.and if you go, shahan the owner WILL remember your name even if you don't show up again for a couple of years.

                  1. Thanks to all!! We stopped at Nick's and had delicious waffles and Huevos EspaƱola on the patio (don't get to eat outside too often in SF without chills!). Now the difficult task: decide where to go today.

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                      Well, if you are in the Universal City area you will be very close to Joe's Falafel http://joesfalafel.net/ and it is an outstanding (and very cost effective) place to eat.

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                        Yay! So glad you got to Nick's and enjoyed it!