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Apr 7, 2014 07:14 AM

Verjus or Frenchie?

I have one night and a reservation at both Verjus and frenchie. Have read oodles of reviews and am sure they are both great, and can't decide. Need to cancel the one we don't go to. Help -- which would you go to, and why?

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  1. Go to both, since you have reserved to both.

    And if you choose to go to only one, don't forget to cancel the reservation early enough in advance.

    It would be far nicer for the Paris restaurant scene if people avoided booking at places they're not sure they're going to.

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    1. re: Ptipois

      Of course I would love to go to both. Alas, I can only eat one dinner the night I have reservations to both. I have asked this forum to help me choose so that I can cancel one and not be a rude American!

      If you had to choose one, which would it be?

      1. re: donnarama2000

        And restaurants loooove cancelers. Honestly. They always thank one profusely.

        1. re: Parigi

          I second that; not canceling is rude, Yankee, imperialist behavior.

          1. re: John Talbott

            John, do you agree about Frenchie, too, or the importance of cancelling?

            1. re: donnarama2000

              I will not pick one over the other; I consider the chefs at both Verjus and Frenchie talented and non-Facebook "friends."
              I was commenting on cancelling - having talked with chefs who suddenly have folks call up and cancel at 20h00 or not show up with no way to fill the seats. If you're a 200 cover brasserie it's no prob but it's just damn rude and inconsiderate to do so at a small or moderate-sized place.
              I'm not holding myself up as a Saint, but I always reserve and if I or someone in my party is sick or unable to make it - I call ASAP.
              As lemarias said - "what's the downside?"

    2. Folks, we know that multiple reservations is one of those hot button issues that really annoys people here on Chowhound, but we'd really ask that people not take this thread as an opportunity to take this poster to task for that. It's just not a subject that goes well on Chowhound.

      1. I've eaten at neither . . . ironically I had made reservations @ Verjus for our upcoming trip, and then cancelled them [well in advance of our trip, thank you very much!] in favor of another restaurant, closer to our apartment. Having read numerous reviews of both, I'd say they're fairly similar . . . To me, the interior of Verjus looks prettier and with more light, so that would be my own preference, but ultimately I think you've posed a question for which there is no "right answer."

        1. Similar - I would choose Verjus.

          1. I've eaten at Frenchie and loved it! I have eaten a couple of times at Verjus' predecessor, Hidden Kitchen, and loved the experience offered by the chef and hostess. Standing in your shoes, I'd chose Verjus because I'm curious as to how the team is doing in new digs. However, given that you know nothing from real experience about either, my advice is to keep the reservation that requires the least steps. You really can't miss.

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            1. re: hychka

              Marchand at Frenchie is the hotter ticket. His restaurant, wine bar and take-away are all well regarded and packed. Recent reports (on the board) of meals at the restaurant are very good, it's a very hard reservation to get. I ate at the restaurant and the wine bar some years ago and rated the food. Gregory is a well respected French chef cooking French food but influenced by his time overseas.

              Versus has a far lower profile, if gets rated by US diners (based on its ownership) but I detect it is less favoured by locals - I believe it's an easy reservation. It's true the two American expats ran and cooked at the famed Hidden Kitchen, but I had thought they no longer cooked at the restaurant - they hired a kitchen team. My understanding of their menu is it's American food influenced by France - so a taste of home? I have not eaten at the Verjus wine bar and it was good but it was the same style of "international food" I get in London, Sydney and NYC.

              Both are quite close to each other so distance should be a determinant.

              If it were me I would go to Frenchie based on my experience. But in reality I wouldn't choose either of them and instead head to one of the newer more exiting options like Bones.