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Apr 7, 2014 06:32 AM

Kaplan's closed ???

Now I haven't been much of a fanboy of Kaplan's for awhile. Long story. But while looking to send their Urbanspoon page to a friend, I find this:

True ?

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    1. Kaplan's is being replaced by Omnitsky's:

      They are moving from their Cambie location and replacing Kaplan's. Their products are ok.

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      1. re: koshfoodie

        By OK I assume you mean, "OK, I'll feed these hot dogs to that hobo, but man, I don't feel good about it."

        Omnitsky's products suck. Romanian Kosher in Chicago makes incredible salami/hotdogs, etc., in a small warehouse, why can't these putzim?

        1. re: brokentelephone

          Romanian is unparalleled, along with Hess in Jerusalem.

          Omnitsky's products are second rate and terribly overpriced.

          1. re: koshfoodie

            Have you tried Michel Kalifa in Paris? His charcuterie is (i believe) glatt, and is on par with some of the best non-kosher charcuterers in France (not sure that is a word, but you get the drift). The salamis, chorizos, etc., are exceptional, and put even Romanian to shame (he's a true artisan, they're just Chicago yids making great dogs).

            Actually, another great kosher producer is called Frederic Buchinger out of Strasbourg in France. They make all the usual shit as well as real salamis, etc.

          2. re: brokentelephone

            I have eaten at Omnitsky's. A pastrami sammy with maybe 4 slices of flavorless meat inside what seemed like Safeway 60% WW bread and some mustard cost $7. Lukewarm coffee served in a styrofoam cup washed it down. I will not go back to Omnitsky's regardless of expansion or rebranding.

            They made Kaplan's look like a 'king'.

            1. re: LotusRapper

              Garden City Bakery used to be great -- now they make insipid ryes and gutless bagels.

              Anyone remember Leon's Kosher deli on Oak near 19th or so? That place was great -- kosher Mortadella from Montreal, Chicago 48 hot dogs, Hebrew National, etc., etc.

              1. re: LotusRapper

                I so agree! They started out strong but fizzled along the way. Sure hope they keep the Coney Island mustard that they used to carry - it's worth a trip. And I'll miss Kaplans...for nostalgic reasons and their amazing matzo ball soup, which literally cures everything...especially colds. And hangovers...