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Jul 28, 2003 07:53 AM

any good food near/at Olympic Stadium/Botanical Garden/Biodome?

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We will be in Montreal soon and are thinking of going to the botanical garden or Biodome and then to an Expos night game. We will be on foot (using the Metro) and would like to eat in the area. Can you recommend any places? We like ethnic cuisine as well as French or Quebecois food, fast food is fine if it's good (we have been meaning to try those Belgian fries). We won't have time for a lengthy evening meal and would need to start eating dinner early; in fact, we might want to have a nice lunch in the area and then for dinner have food AT the stadium, if that is any good, or buy cheese, bread, and fruit in a market/shop, if there is one nearby? Also, is the stadium busy--i.e., can we buy tickets at the last minute for a weekend game?

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  1. There really isn't much around the Stadium worth going to. Down the street on Ste-catherine or Ontario, the area is pretty seedy and hot dog joints are most common. Quite cheap if you can stomach a Hot dog and poutine (cheese and sauce on top of fries). Best see what area you are staying in since the metro from downtown to the Stadium is at most 15 minutes.

    Also, Belgian fries are from BELGIUM! There are some restaurants that do simmilar sort of fries but aren't nearly as good as the ones there.

    Tickets for baseball games are easy to get until the last minute and are quite cheap as well as being in Canadian funds (if you are from the US). The stadium is too large for the team therefore most games are relatively empty. You can always buy them upon arrival or before going to the Biodome.

    There are many good places to eat in other areas so if you have an idea of the locality it will be easy to suggest places.


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      Thanks for the info; I guess we will either bring a picnic or go back downtown for chow. The fries I meant are in the style of that recommended place Frites Alors!; sounded like great ballpark junk food so I wondered if there were something like that around the stadium. I thought someone said they were more authentic Belgian style at Frites Alors, but maybe I am just thinking of the beer.

    2. If you go a little east of the Stadium area along Sherbrooke you'll reach several large restaurants. There's a Tiki resto which I haven't been to, but which I've seen amusing reports of, although more from the ambiance angle than for its culinary excellence. There's also a branch of Da Giovanni, the big Ste-Catherine Street pasta emporium, which wouldn't offer subtle food, but is supposed to have OK basic spag bolognese and the like. There's also a Benihana, I think - a fairly old-fashioned Japanese place. Nothing here that would figure on the radar of serious foodies, but definitely places a family can eat.

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        There is a new Japanese restaurant in the East End, Beni Hana - they have Teppan, Sushi and Authentic Japanese cuisine. The teppan cooking was great for the family and very entertaining, the chef cooks in front of you and it was delicious, priced fairly. The table surrounding the chef is made out of granite, and the design of the new place is something out of New York with a mezzanine. The sushi is excellent and the chef's special the pizza is sooooo delicious. We go every week, need reservation, best well kept secret in the east end.

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        Evan B. Druce

        Walk a few blocks down to 5382 Notre-Dame Est and try a hot dog and fries at Lafleur. The poutine is great.