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Apr 6, 2014 07:42 PM

Chablis vegetable pairing?

Any suggestions on what a good vegetable dish would be to pair with chablis? It's for a chablis themed night at a friends house.

I'm thinking either zucchini carpaccio or maybe a big raw vegetable salad with a nice vinegarette. Or if the tomatoes look good at the farmers market next weekend, a tomato salad. Any ideas?

I'm in Los Angeles and it's supposed to be in the 80s next weekend, which is why I'm leaning toward cold/room temp raw veggies, but I'm open to anything!

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  1. Go to a good local Farmer's Mkt, e.g. Santa Monica Wednesday and check out which vegetables are best right now. I find that currently the English peas, asparagus, purple broccoli are all amazing. You could make a wonderful dish with just those. Cherry tomatoes also are really good right now and a nice variety of colors. Beefsteaks, not just yet.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Beets are colorful and pretty now, so a beet gazpacho would also work. Had a good beet gazpacho at Breadbar in Century City a couple of weeks ago. I asked them to lace it with a little goat cheese. Was really good with that addition.

        1. re: maudies5

          It's supposed to hit 90 by midweek.

          I'm thinking a good carrot ice cream would pair well with a Chablis.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Sweet Rose Creamery will likely have some kind of vegetable based ice cream which would work.

        2. re: ipsedixit

          nononononono to asparagus with Chablis! The asparagus will make the wine taste like vinegar!

        3. Does it need to be vegetarian or vegetable?

          For an inexpensive young Petit Chablis and Chablis and very young premier cru Chablis...
          - Roasted cauliflower in brown butter
          - Vegetable terrine
          - Any veggie with loads of cheese
          - Vegetarian, but not veggie? Gougeres!

          2-3 year old unoaked Premier cru Chablis
          - Smooth vegetable based soups (can be laced with cream or creme fraiche
          - Grilled leeks with a soft dijon vinaigrette
          - Spring veggie risotto
          - Vegetarian - Oeufs en meurette made with chablis, anything with goat cheese

          Chablis or premier cru Chablis made in a richer style
          - pastas in a tomato cream sauce
          - veggies in beurre blanc
          - mushroom dishes with lots of good butter
          - any veggie encroute
          - Vegetarian - Epoisses

          Grand cru Chablis and the best premier cru Chablis
          - likes truffles

          Very old Chablis
          - can also be matched with veggie dishes with pronounced umami flavors

          Have fun!

          1. For any chardonnay there is a wide range of vegetable pairings. So wide that it's more useful how you prepare them to bring them closer to the chardonnay....

            As for specific super-veggie pairings with chardonnay: artichokes, asparagus, corn and squash are right up at the top. Cauliflower and mushroom (not a "veg" per se) also quite nice.

            Preparing them on the grill and served with brush of garlic butter brings them closer to the wine as chardonnay loves butter, garlic, and smoke. Can serve with dollop of a chard-friendly cheese (chevre, gruyere, comte, brie/camembert).

            For chardonnay I would not recommend alot of tomatoes in the mix or a sharp vinagarette.

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            1. re: TombstoneShadow

              sorry, Tombstone, but Chablis is not "any chardonnay." It is a good bit flintier than most, even in its "lowest" permutations.

              1. re: ChefJune

                "any chardonnay" as in the rest of the sentence: "any chardonnay has a wide range of vegetable pairings"...

                ....which holds true to my palate... I can't think of any chardonnay (still or bubbly) that doesn't pair with numerous veggies...

                1. re: TombstoneShadow

                  Well, I agree with Chef June.

                  Chablis is rather unique among Chardonnays. So is Montagny.

                  1. re: collioure

                    Well I definitely agree with June that Chablis, as with any terroir, has some unique nuances.

                    Given that, when I get back to the original question of how to pair veggies with Chablis, I side with Fiona Beckett, author of 23 books on wine, in her recommendations for every level of chablis from petit to grand cru:

                    Note her recommendations consistently call for "butter, garlic, grilling, roasting", and she specifically recommends Comte as a cheese match, one of my favorite for Chablis.

                    I also love Julia Bailey's suggested pairing for Chablis: Note her preparation incorporates charcoal grilling, butter and garlic.

                    To each their own.

                2. re: ChefJune

                  I'm with Chef June on this. You cannot pair to Chablis as you would to Chardonnay.

                  NaFLa, is the wine true Chablis or is it Chardonnay?

                  The wines differ from each other a good deal, and require different pairings. Chablis, as Chef June said, is often flinty and lean, and differs greatly from Chardonnays made in a buttery style or even a rounder fuller style.

                  Since the styles of Chardonnay vary widely, no one single pairing fits all the styles. In fact, a pairing for one style of Chardonnay may be a clash for another style. The best pairings are those matched to the individual style of Chardonnay.

              2. I would prefer cooked vegetables with the Chablis -- regardless of which type of Chablis you choose. And if you must do a vinaigrette, please use lemon juice (fresh) as your acid rather than vinegar.

                The roasted cauliflower suggested in this thread would be a good choice, or mixed roasted vegetables (cauli, broccoli, carrots, pearl onions).

                another tasty dish would be creamed new potatoes, peas and pearl onions. really delicious with village Chablis.