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Apr 6, 2014 07:14 PM

3-Hour Mexico City Airport Layover: Suggestions?

I'll have a 3-hour layover each way. Any suggestions inside or outside the airport?

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  1. Stay inside. The airport location is not close enough to safe and comfortable destinations with the time you have.
    I hope you get some inside recos, it has improved.

    1. Barely enough time to grab a snack at the food court. Lots of nice options there. Terminal 1 or terminal 2? (You can look it up on the airport website.)

      1. There's a restaurant called Mansion (I believe there's one in each terminal, but I might be mistaken). Anyway, the food is pretty good. I should say pretty good for airport food but not cheap.

        They serve many of the traditional Argentinian cuts of beef and many Mexican standards. It's a chain, but definitely above average.

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        1. re: hankstramm

          The restaurant is actually La Mansión. It has a location in both T1 and T2. Here's its website:

          Under 'platillos' you can see its offerings. No prices are listed, but believe me, it ain't cheap.

          In addition to the two editions of La Mansión, there are a lot of pretty decent fast food joints, in both terminals.


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            Yes, La Mansión has locations around the city, so it isn’t really just an airport restaurant. It’s our go-to restaurant if we are meeting visitors or seeing them off at the airport, and it has never disappointed.
            But I’m doubtful that a three-hour layover gives enough time to enjoy a restaurant meal -- since line-ups, immigration, customs and security will eat into those 3 hours -- and the food court has lots of nice options.

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              Actually, I forget the chain, but the al pastor in the food court is better than any I've had in the States--and it's sub par on Mex City standards. Says a lot about the Jalisco and Michoacan style we get here in CA.

          2. The airport is huge. If your gates are not close to one another you may have some walking to do. Given the crowds and lines at security it can easily eat up an hour of time. There is a Mexican candy store that is really nice after a meal. I think it is in terminal A.

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            1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

              Huge? Mexico City's Airport has only two terminals--Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Each is fairly small and easy to navigate. There is no "A".


            2. If you don't have to do immigration/customs etc. and are adventurous you can take the metro from the airport and go to the Zocolo. It would be the only way as a cab would take too long.

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                Regardless of whether or not the OP has enough time, Metrobus linea 4 is a quicker and more direct link between the airport and the Zocalo/Centro Historico than the Metro.

                1. re: foodinspace

                  Good point about the Metrobus.
                  On one hand, the Metrobus follows a direct route, but it can be affected by traffic. The Metro (subway) goes underground and avoids traffic, but to travel between the airport and the Zócalo, you have to take 3 lines, meaning two transfer points.
                  Either way, this would, of course be for someone that has a lot more than 3 hours layover. Based on my experience, I wouldn’t advise leaving the airport unless the layover is 6 hours or more for a domestic flight, or 8 hours or more for an international flight.