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Apr 6, 2014 05:04 PM

Great huevos rancheros in Albuquerque/Santa Fe/Taos

We'll be the area for a few days this coming weekend. My husband is perennially on a search for great huevos rancheros. Any suggestions for the area? We're flying into Albuquerque, driving to Santa Fe, and doing a day trip to Taos. Thanks!

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  1. Taos folks tend not to be early risers, but the Taos Diners I and II make a decent huevos rancheros. Ask for the green smother.

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      I just read the menu - everything sounds really good!

    2. Have you seen this blog: ?
      Don't know how reliable it is, but I'm sure your husband would admire the effort. (The site is weirdly organized. There are all sorts of Albuquerque neighborhoods listed as well as a category called just "Albuquerque", but when you click on that one, the restaurants from the individual neighborhoods don't come up.


      From my own limited experience, in Albuquerque, Mary & Tito's, Sophia's Place, El Patio and Duran's have pretty good huevos rancheros. I like the ones at Slate Street Cafe, too, but some HR fans have said they are too light and simple.

      In Santa Fe, I'd try Rancho de Chimayo (a bit outside the city), Cafe Pasqual, La Choza or The Shed, and Tune-Up Cafe.

      Two place in Taos that probably have very worthy HR are Orlando's and Gutiz (where it's called "The Taoseno").

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        Wow - what a great resource! We're planning on going to see Los Poblanos Farm on Friday, and it looks like Mary & Tito's and Sophia's are on the way. We haven't been to either of them because we always go to Duran's, but I thought we should try some new places this time.

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          Oh, I hope the lotus pond at Los Poblanos is already in bloom when you get here! The weather has been so warm that it just might be. When it's in full flower it's amazing. If you don't find it on your own, be sure to ask where it is and if you can take a peek (it's in a part of the property that's for overnight guests only, but they usually don't mind visitors taking a short walk on the loop around the pond.)

          One other thing, Sophia's Place is kind of dirty. Not just old and a bit shabby like Mary & Tito's, but like someone really doesn't like or understand cleaning -- sticky menus and tabletops, occasional crud on the glasses and forks, that kind of thing. It's really too bad because the food is fresh, clean, and kind of refined in its way. The chef/owner used to work at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, and his food definitely has a California flair.

          Have a great weekend,

      2. In Santa Fe, I love the huevos rancheros at the Plaza Cafe Southside (the original has become pretty lackluster), especially with green chile.

        I also like them at the Shed or sister restaurant La Choza, although the quality gets variable when they're too busy. Their margaritas are also among the best in town.

        If your husband is a chile head, you might also check Horesman's Haven; they're justifiably notorious for having the spiciest chile around, although I personally I think that level of heat comes at the expense of flavor.

        2nd ninrn's suggestion for Rancho de Chimayo, just over 30 minutes north of Santa Fe, along the high road to Taos. Very pretty setting, and surprisingly good food.

        1. I thought I'd report back on our trip. Thanks for all of your recommendations. I wish we had had more eating opportunities! My husband's favorite huevos rancheros were at lunch at La Choza. He really enjoyed the layers and complexity of flavors. We hadn't been there before and liked it better than the Shed where we always have dinner. But La Choza isn't walking/drinking distance from La Fonda where we stay.

          On the other hand, his second place HRs were at Mary & Tito's. What a great place. We'd never been before and both loved it. The HRs were very simple, and I'm totally addicted to their red chile sauce. Does a recipe exist?

          Other HRs sampled were at The Plaza Cafe (fine) and Tia Sophia's (excellent). I also had fantastic seared scallops on a green goddess salad at Cafe Pasqual (which we continue to love even though the prices are awfully high.

          Originally I was planning on doing my own quest for the best green chile cheeseburger. I'd only had them at Bobcat Bite in the past, so I wanted to try some new ones including those at the new Santa Fe Bite. However I got derailed because my first one was so unsatisfactory. We were in Taos at lunch time, and our guidebook (Frommer's, Fodor's - one of those) recommended 5 Star Burgers. Sounded good so we tried it. (Should have gone to one of the other Taos suggestions - next time.) I've never had a burger, especially a green chile cheeseburger, that could be described as bland. Just didn't have much taste overall. In addition, the server gave me a hard time because I only ate half of it. (it wasn't great, and I was full.) I'd like to add that I am an adult and hardly look malnourished, so I don't need anyone to scold me about how much I eat or don't. So the whole experience turned me off so much that I converted to Team Huevos Rancheros and was very happy. My favorite HRs were at Mary & Tito's - I tend to be a minimalist.

          Thanks again for the recommendations. We had, as always, a great time, and even got to see snow falling on Sunday!