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Apr 6, 2014 04:54 PM

Roast Prime Rib in hartford area?

just wondering where in the Hartford area has the best Prime Rib??

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  1. Chuck's Steak House in Rocky Hill has a decent prime rib. Not sure but Gilbert's in Glastonbury may as well. Jay

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      J Gilberts does not serve prime rib. I have been told by several friends, but never tried it that Chowder Pot in Hartford has an excellent prime rib.

    2. Hawthorne Inn in Berlin is always mentioned when prime rib comes up on this board. Maybe someone who has been there recently can comment on whether it's still worth it or has gone downhill. On the shore, Mike's in Old Saybrook has a celebrated prime rib on weekends.

      1. Yeah, Hawthorne is supposed to be known for their 'rib...It was the "fancy" place my grandparents would splurge for once in a while. I went a few years ago, and the food was good, but I'd take a strip at Gilbert's any day

        1. Try Fleming's Sunday special- a relative bargain.