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Apr 6, 2014 04:16 PM

Just getting started

I like pork ribs and beef ribs both smoked ,since I'm new at this I understand hat the meats require a rub and then do not place in the smoker right away My question would be is i better to lay the meats on a rack or heng the meats what does everyone prefer horizontal
or of vertical I understand that there flat grill which rolls over I' lost whjen i comes to his mysery lol

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  1. No mystery...the answer is that is doesn't matter.

    Meats do not require a rub at all. While I do recommend some type of seasoning (salt at a minimum), it isn't a requirement. Also, the seasoning does not have to rest before going on the smoker. I rarely season early, normally going straight to the pit.

    Your ribs will smoke properly no matter what position you cook them in. I cook them laying down while some cook them hanging...and others stand them horizontally in rib racks. They all get done properly. It doesn't matter regardless what anyone says.

    No mysteries in barbecue. The biggest issue most people have is to worry about everything they read. If most people would just pay attention to the basics and simply cook, it wouldn't be so intimidating (and confusing).

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      And if most people...oh, no, that was ME... sonofagun... wouldn't get so anal about trying to keep the temp SO exact ) @op, linguafood and I are both quite new to smoking also. And this board is quite new so pretty small. You can learn a lot by reading the last three or so months worth of threads about smoking. Good luck. You're gonna love it here )