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Apr 6, 2014 02:39 PM

Best dessert in Brookline

Looking for something sweet to round out the end of winter and to celebrate spring's soon arrival. Athan's baklavas are dope and I love those little crumb cakes at Cutty's, what else is hiding out there? Party favors fans?

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  1. The butterscotch pudding at Lineage is an old favorite. They've put it on the menu at Row 34, too.

    Olive oil ice cream in "Magic Shell", polenta with blackberry and white chocolate, corn ice cream (now out of season) at Ribelle.

    1. Japonaise cream cakes, adzuki creams and ahn donuts, nut cakes at Tatte, Athan's scones, almond cookies and Jamaica petit fours. Clear Flour's walnut breakfast buns. I do buy Party Favors birthday cakes for my grandkids and my husband likes their lemon cake with raspberry filling.

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        tz, those adzuki creams ( a longtime epiphany for me)- have you noticed the change in them these last 2 yrs- from before(about 25% smaller, and not as fresh)?

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          I currently have a lemon cake with raspberry filling in my fridge. And it isn't even my favorite of their cakes. To cut this short: Party Favors makes the best butter cream frosting you can find in this area.

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            And which *is* your favorite Party Favors cake? I've never had anything but straight yellow or chocolate cake from there.

            1. re: Allstonian

              Hard question to answer because I don't normally eat dessert (and the cake is for a birthday). I prefer their yellow cake but I don't think it's the cake that's special. It's the frosting that stands out and the way they frost, with beautiful flowers that are also made of frosting, not that dry hard meringue.

              By comparison, something like Rosie's carrot cake, which is sort of famous around here, is too moist for cake and too sweet and the frosting is not in the same level.

              IMHO, we need is a really good French pear tart. (Even an apple one would be nice.) The version Clear Flour sells isn't it. Most places don't seem to understand the concept of French baking and either make it hard or mushy.

              Stellina's in Watertown makes a pretty good creme brûlée.

            2. re: lergnom

              I have found better butter cream frosting at Baker Baker in West Rox.

          2. La Morra has a Banana Gelato Timbale that is worth a visit.


            1. After picking up a selection of sweets at Clear Flour this weekend, the one that surprised me was the chocolate-coconut macaroon. Rather than simply dip a coconut macaroon in chocolate, they mix the rich, dark chocolate into the batter.

              I'm also a fan of their cookies and the almond, thickly sliced Scandinavian desert whose name I can't remember. Sort of like a thick slice of almond-flavored pound cake with powdered sugar and almonds.

              Despite having a few family members who always request them, I've never been very impressed with Party Favors cakes or cupcakes.

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              1. re: Klunco

                I love everything at Clear Flour, especially the rustic tarts, and I just learned that Google has a 360 degree view of the INSIDE of the bakery, and you can even zoom in and read the labels!

                1. re: Klunco

                  If you're describing what I think you're describing, that's the bostock. It's a French pastry that's a thick slice of brioche topped with almond frangipane and sliced almonds. As much as I love almost everything they make, it might be my favorite thing on the menu.

                  1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                    Jenny, that's it! I don't know how you were able to decipher it based on my very inaccurate description. I was debating between describing it as "almost like brioche french toast" or pound cake. I guess I thought it was Scandinavian based on the name. Who would've guessed that it's French?

                    To the OP, definitely try the Bostock!

                2. It's already been said, but I'll "second" the butterscotch pudding at Lineage (The candied pralines really pull the whole thing together) and the Adzuki filled pastry at Japonaise Bakery.