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Apr 6, 2014 02:27 PM

Casual Date Night in North County SD

Hey everyone!

You guys have always given me kick ass recommendations for places to try and once again I'm going to need your help. I just need a place thats mid-range, good ambience, has a commendable wine/mixology program, not sushi (my date hates fish…red flag?), and around Encinitas/Carlsbad. Being from Del Mar I should know these things, but I live up in LA and am a tad bit out of touch. Also, preferably no chain restaurants!

So far I have:
Blue Ribbon Pizza
The Craftsman
Bistro West

Any thoughts and feedback would be awesome! Thank you!


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  1. If you are willing to drive to Del Mar Sea & Smoke (same chef/owner as Solace but Solace is by far the weakest of all three of his places) might be a good option

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    1. re: honkman

      O yeah that could be a good option but I'm not sure it would fit in our time schedule! Last time I ate there, the service was pretty poor, but then again, I went when it first opened.

      1. re: KUCLA

        They seem to have quite rushed service as their main issue but if you order apps and mains separately you should be fine

    2. Red Tracton's, Solana Beach.

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        Any recommendations more North?

        1. re: KUCLA

          Green dragon tavern by Carlsbad flower fields was good. Opened recently. Well prepared food. Museum attached of Revolutionary War stuff so might make for interesting date conversation. Good bar. Attractive environment.

      2. Blue ribbon is great, really do love it. How about Q'uero? or Solterra. Never been to Soterra, but it is always packed when I drive by on my way to Gardens by the Sea for my succulent fix. I really don't know why I mentioned these places at all because I am a huge fan of the 3rd Corner. They have such a huge wine selection, not even sure if they serve hard liquor. Sorry I am not into that craft cocktail thing. Just give me my Makers straight up. Anyway the wine is top notch and I have had most of the things on the menu and I really have not been disappointed. Don't forget about their brunch. It is a prix fixe with sparkling wine, and the stuff they use is a heck of a lot better than the usual stuff you will find at most unlimited buffets. Go Bruins!

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          I have yet to go to Q'uero but have heard great things and same with Solterra! Great recommendations! I'm a big wino, so the more wine the better...and though I do appreciate a well made cocktail, I'm right there with you on simplicity. Thank you for the input, us Bruins got to stick together :)

        2. quero or sea and smoke would work

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            Buzznutter, aka dad, silencio por favor. Muchas gracias xx

            1. re: foodiechick

              Concur with the other Chica..

              Paon Carlsbad
              Red Tracton's for me is a 'seal the deal' kind of, if its going that way, head south and enjoy the old school, blue hair vibe.