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Apr 6, 2014 02:04 PM

Trishna or Quilon?

Trying to decide whether to dine at Trishna or Quilon. We will be spending eight nights in London, so can only choose one. I am a bit concerned about how some describe the tables as small and cramped at Trisha. Would appreciate feedback...Thanks!

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    1. The Trishna dining room was recently remodelled so I think it may be less cramped now. I wouldn't let those comments put you off.

      They are arguably the two best 'fine dining' Indian restaurants in London so you can't really go wrong.

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      1. Have not been been since the refurb, but I have always preferred Trisha despite the slightly cramped conditions. Quilon is better after its make over but it is still a bit stale and the food, although very good, is IMO not as good as in Trishna.

        My current fav. is Gymkhana, although if you want to concentrate on fish dishes then you have picked the best two options. Gymkhana is also very hard to get into at the moment.