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Apr 6, 2014 01:40 PM

DTW. Dead chef estate sales

Would appreciate any leads from local 'hounds on finding a used 13/14 inch metal skillet, and a separate five quart metal pot appropriate for chili, boiling pasta, or making beef or mutton stew.

Our last metal cookware, a 10-inch Revereware skillet has rounded it's bottom...after nearly 40 years of use! We're loaded with "coated" fry pans and pots; but honestly, I don't trust them at high heat.

I've shopped local restaurant suppliers for used cookware, and honestly, that's like dealing with a shady used car salesman.

Tips. Pointers and all advice gladly welcomed.

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      1. re: RedTop

        can't help you there, other then to keep a search for restaurant auctions and pre action sales? GL

        that means good luck!

      1. Craigslist? Estate sales are worth checking. There is a free email that lists estate sales in your area (whatever that area is) and will often give some details on features at listed sales (special furniture, 4 sets of kitchen stuff, mostly clothing, etc.).

        1. There are several search engines for auctions/estate sales that will let you specify the area and keywords. I've used them to find local sales and look at the listings. I can't look them up now because I'm at work, but they should be easy enough to Google.

          1. it would not be used but TJ Maxx/Marshalls often has Lodge cast iron at great prices,