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Apr 6, 2014 01:35 PM

Salvaging my quiche recipe, help!

I am making an onion-mushrooms-artichoke quiche for a brunch tomorrow. Directions say sauté onions, mushrooms, artichokes in a stick of melted butter, WIITH A SLOTTED SPOON, add the mixture to your egg, cream, cheese liquid. I did not catch the significance of the slotted spoon and just dumped it in. Hence, I probably added 1/4 cup of buttery juice to the batter. So you think my quiche will set up? It has 7 eggs in it. Should I add a little flour to the batter? Or cornstarch? Thanks for opinions!

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  1. I'd just cook it a hair longer. It'll be fine. I check my quiche like I check a cake- stick a toothpick in and, if it's too wobbly and underdone, cook a few more minutes. I find quiches to be pretty forgiving.

    1. Considering that Julia Child always dotted the tops of her quiches with liberal amounts of butter before baking I say it will be fine. She swore the extra butter is what gave her quiches their gorgeous golden brown tops.

        1. Should be OK, I wouldn't add anything.

          1. You all are terrific! I feel better since reading your replies. My ambrosia is in the fridge and the flourless chocolate cake is in the oven. Things are coming together.