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Apr 6, 2014 01:12 PM

GE Glass Stove Top Help?

While cooking today I put boiled 3lbs of spaghetti in my large Belgique pot with basket. These pots are heavy duty in nature and have a copper bottom.Spaghetti finished and removed to my dish. Next I put frozen meatballs in the same pot turned on medium with a top and began doing other things. I have done this hundreds of time before without problems. I came back about 10 minutes later and smelled something peculiar, looked at the stove and noticed what looked like melting aluminum surrounding about a third of the bottom with a glob about a half dollar size and a quarter inch thick. I quickly turned it off and removed the pot. There were what appeared to be spikes of melted aluminum in various places. I took a wet kitchen towel and removed the globe and it removed a portion of the cook top. I am baffled and stunned as to why or how this could happen.

Has anyone seen or heard of this happening? And can anyone explain to me what happened?

I have loved and this stove and pots for some ten years now without any issues.

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    Aluminum melts at 1,218°F.*** Your pot probably had an aluminum disc under the copper layer for heat distribution. Temperatures must have reached the melting point of aluminum because little water or moisture from food was in the pot. Without some available water to moderate the temperature, the aluminum reached its melting point.

    According to the websites below, a large electric burner can reach temperatures higher than 1,218°F. So can a gas burner.

    Gas & Electric Burner Surface Temperatures:

    Methane (natural gas) flame in air, 3,542 °F *

    Large Electric burners 1,472 °F to 1,652 °F, set on High **

    Small Electric Burners 932 °F to 1,112 °F , set on High **





    I guess maybe you should have let it cool off before you tried removing the metal from the glass. I would call GE service. They have a flat service charge (around $89) plus parts. I once dropped something on my glass cooktop and it cracked; but it was still under warranty and they replaced it so I don't know how much it cost. I have always been very happy with their service though, often next day here in CT.