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Apr 6, 2014 12:47 PM

Linthicum, MD

Suggestions for dinner in Linthicum.

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  1. G&M Restaurant for Crab Cakes

    Taste of Aloha about 5 miles away in Arbutus for Hawaiian nothing fancy just 5 or 6 tables but very good.

    1. Now that Howard's subway is closed, the only real dinosaur place in Linthicum is Snyder's Willow Grove.

      Very old school and the food is good.

      The Olive Grove is up the street from G & M and they have the great crab cakes, plus very good Italian and the ubiquitous salad and breadsticks. I am NOT talking about Olive Garden.

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      1. re: eruby

        I've never understood the attraction of Olive Grove. I've been dragged there a few times for work lunches, and been totally underwhelmed. Even when trying to order down to not challenge the kitchen I've been underwhelmed.

        They do a great business, so apparently lots of people like them, but I just don't understand. Then again, "ubiquitous salad and breadsticks" wouldn't tend to be something that would attract me.

        1. re: Hal Laurent

          Completely agree about Olive Grove. Was dragged there once by a visiting family member who loves the crab cakes. Being vegetarian, I can't speak to those, but the pasta was some of those worst I've ever had. Overcooked with a mostly flavorless, watery marinara. Service was a bit better than the food but not much.

          This doesn't qualify as dinner, but the doughnuts at Keller's Bakery are lovely, particularly the cinnamon crunch.

        2. re: eruby

          Second Snyder's. Old-school prime rib and oysters. R.I.P. Howard's. I really liked that place.

        3. Matsu Japanese Restaurant
          517 S Camp Meade Rd
          Linthicum Hts, MD 21090