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Apr 6, 2014 12:34 PM

Downtown Charleston - all by foot

I know there are a lot of good threads about Charleston fare. But my caveat is - I don't want to get in my car once I've arrived in town. So, that means no Mt. Pleasant, etc.

I'm staying at the Vendue for two nights. I need two breakfasts/lunch/dinners in walking distance or short cab ride away. I haven't been to the area in ten years. My wife and I are celebrating our ten-year wedding/honeymoon anniversary, but doesn't mean we're looking for upscale. Mostly prefer unpretentious local joints with damn good food. Perhaps one evening of fine(r) dining, but are the type to go bar-hopping afterwards. I think I went to Jestine's and SNOB ten years ago; willing to re-try. Want to steer clear of ethnic food - or even Italian - as a native NYer who frequently visits big cities and gets the best of it. Seafood option?

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  1. "Walkable" means different things to different people and anything in/near the historic area is within a short cab ride, as it's a relatively small area. My suggestion would be to read through the many existing posts, see what sounds interesting, and plot them out on Google maps. Places I recommend include Cru Cafe, Hominy Grill, Two Boroughs Larder, Goat Sheep Cow and the Ordinary.

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      I was about to caution the OP that Goat Sheep Cow is a cheese shop, not a restaurant like the rest of your (excellent) list....but then I thought I better ask...have they opened a restuarant?

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        Yes, you are correct, not a restaurant per se, but they do have sandwiches, and is a great place to get the goods for an alfresco picnic.

    2. You have many, many, choices as the entire Historic District is walkable. A few of the "hot" places are The Ordinary, Husk, FIG. All are very good. I do also like the aforementioned Cru Café. For breakfast I like Virginia's on King. I would do one lunch at Fleet Landing. Food is pretty good, but he main draw is that it is on the water.

      1. McCrady's is across the street.

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          1. Thanks for all the replies and help. Shocked at how quickly reservations were booked up. I have one dinner reservation for The Ordinary and the other at Cru Café. Wanted to get to FIG, but no tables.

            So, the unconfirmed meals are breakfast and lunch. Any particular thoughts about Hominy, Two Boroughs, Toast, and Virginia's on King? Hominy seems like a great place for brunch, no? Virginia's on King isn't well thought of on tripadvisor. Help, please.

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              Tatooed Moose, Two Boroughs, and Hominy, in that order. Virginia's seems to be the kind of place that a group of retired school teachers would meet once a month for a "special" lunch.I say this honestly.My wife is a retired school teacher and her group meets once a month and I hear about the places they suggest, think "tea room".

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                Hominy and Two Boroughs are a pretty long walk, but worth the cab.
                Very different by the way. 2B has kind of a Brooklyn vibe, Hominy is very southern. Both good.

                I am told if you show up around 5:15 you could sit on the Veranda at Husk at 5:30.

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                  Your hotel to hominy grill is right at two miles. It just depends what is long to you.