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Apr 6, 2014 12:12 PM

Where can I find a Bear Claw in Manhattan?

I'm desperate to find a place to buy real bear claw pastries (not the insipid apple-filled thing the midwest calls a bear claw) while I'm in Manhattan later this month. Anyone know where to start looking?

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  1. Bear claws are hard to come by in nyc!
    A voce has one on their brunch menu:

    I **think** I've seen them at dean and deluca in soho at their coffee bar in front but call to check first.

    If you would settle for a wonderful almond croissant or almond brioche ceci cela's are great:

    Otherwise michael allen in brooklyn, also try posting on outer boroughs board

    1. I love bear claws too and u really cannot find them easily in NYC. The only place where I was able to find them was at Panera Bread.

      1. I thought bearclaws were really West Coast things, no? I can only think of Tom Waits asking the waitress to heat one up on the radar range.
        I'm not even sure I know what they look like.

        1. Old school Manhattan coffee shops used to have bear claws stacked to the rafters each day but no more. Bear claws have a remarkable resemblance to a Sicilian baked sweet called "buccellato" -- which is filled with almond paste, raisins, figs, dates, flavored with cinnamon and orange peel or fennel -- that I have begun to suspect that may be the origin of American bear claws. The Sicilian buccellato is most often a rolled tube, whose ends are joined to make a ring, and the sides are slashed for baking, revealing the filling. But if you were selling this cake in a bakery as a breakfast pastry you would either slice into smaller, crescent shaped segments or bake it that way. The slashed curved segments would each look like a claw

          The Sicilians are among the few Italians who eat more of a rich "breakfast", often a very sweet one. Almonds, cinnamon, figs, dates and raisins are very much local products in Sicily (and such products are in no way "danish"!).

          So if I were looking for a great bear claw in NYC, I would go looking for a Sicilian baker.

          Here is a picture of a buccellato siciliano (not to be confused with buccellato from Lucca, a totally different cake)

          Sicilians also bake traditional Christmas cookies with a fig filling that look like smaller bear claws. Maybe they were supersized for the American breakfast market.

          On the other hand (or claw), maybe they really are from Denmark. There are no bears in Sicily and the Danes are fiends for cinnamon.

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            I thought they were Canadian, when I was in Ottawa there were tons of little places selling them.