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Apr 6, 2014 12:09 PM

Venice. 5 Days. Looking for best cicchetti bars and casual dining.

We are going to be in Venice for 5 days starting on April 15 and love casual dining, authentic experiences, fresh and simple seafood, and small plates with lots of variety. We would be grateful for suggestions.

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  1. We'll be in Venice soon too and Osteria Al Squero in Dorsoduro was recommended by a friend. It is near where we are staying so we will probably give it a try.

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    1. Two nice spots near the fish market : All'Arco and Cantina do Mori.
      Liked the polpette (meatballs) in Alle Vedova, close to the Ca d'Oro vaporetto stop.

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        These look wonderful - thank you very much!

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          All'Arco is great for cicchetti. I would also recommend Alla Madonna for a great casual seafood trattoria.

        1. Take a cichetti tour with Monica Cesarato. It is wonderfully relaxing to have someone else lead you through the tiny streets and you will eat and drink very well.

          1. These are our favorites,

            Alla Botte Calle della Bissa, San Marco always full of locals.

            Cantina do Mori, San Polo, very old bar,
            littered with ancient copper pots, with very good wines by the glass, "ombra" and great selection of cichetti.
            Ai Promessi Sposi Calle dell'Oca Cannareggio
            Very good assortment of small plates including a great variety od seafood, both marinated and fried, one of the BEST VALUES in Venezia!!!!

            Personally, one does not need a "cicchetti tour" unless this is your first time in Venezia and would like the services of a guide for other aspects of the city, history/architecture/customs, etc..