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6lb. Pork Roll..where can I buy?

Hopefully somebody can reply in the next few hours...I am visiting home (Middlesex county) from the south. I want to bring back a couple rolls back with me. Anybody know where I can buy the Trenton brand in 6lb rolls? I know Sams Club in Edison has Case and I dont want Case.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I know this isn't going to much help to you, as you need a membership card,(you never know) but the Restaurant Depot in South Plainfield has them.

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      I heard you can buy stuff there without a membership but they charge you something like $30 a day extra

    2. COSTCO.....if your a member....they sell Case's pork roll, 6 lbs

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        1. Hey thanks...I'm looking for a brick and mortar shop before I head home...jerseyporkroll is mail order that kills on mark up

          1. The Pork Roll Store in Allentown. Retail store. Call first to make sure they're open.


            5 mins from Turnpike exit 7A.

            1. I think I saw them at Walmart

              1. IMNSHO, pork roll needs to be Taylor's! Don't think I've ever seen BIG 6lb rolls of any brand ever??

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                  Taylor's is obviously the first choice, but Case's (or for that matter, even the ShopRite store brand) is perfectly fine as long as you buy the 'tangy' variety (which, like Taylor's has the lactic fermented character).
                  In other words, if you see ANY non-Taylor pork roll offered in 'mild' or 'tangy', always go for the 'tangy'...it will usually be almost identical to Taylor's standard pork roll!

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                    BJs carries the big rolls of Taylor

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                      Of course they have the 6lb rolls! Go to any deli that serves TEC breakfast sandwiches! (All of them in NJ) You will see 6lb rolls. :)

                      BTW, BJ's in Edison sells the Trenton labeled pork roll in 6lb rolls. I didn't make the cut this time around. Next time!!

                    2. Taylor, Trenton and Case are all made by the same company. The quality being different.

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                        interesting..... I didnt know that. Do they make the "off brand" stuff like shoprite?

                        what is the difference in quality between those 3?

                        If anyone wants a new job go open a porkroll breakfast truck in key west.

                        Half the people there are from nj/nyc.

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                          I knew Trenton was processed by Taylor but didn't know Case. I prefer the Trenton brand of those three.