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Apr 6, 2014 08:46 AM

Adult Easter Baskets

Wow. That should get people's attention!
I'm putting together some Easter baskets for out of town guests, (and one for myself, most importantly) and am looking for some new and awesome chocolates and candies. Doesn't have to necessarily be San Diego based.
I have the two new chocolate bars Chuao came out with: toffee pretzel and a sweet and sour bar. Picked up some Dallman's caramels at seaport village headquarters.
Got a few 5 Star Hazelnut bars from Whole Foods (best candy bar ever)!
Anything new at Eclipse? Anyone go to that chocolate place in Liberty Station across from Con Pane, who's name escapes me right now? Any specific recommendations from there? Anything else I'm missing?

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  1. That's "sweet and salty" from Chuao, not "sweet and sour". Rookie mistake. Sorry!

    1. Got my attention :-)

      How about a chocolate covered caramel from The Elegant Truffle on Scott Street close to Shelter Island? Even a few of her truffles would probably satisfy a sweet tooth.

      I recently tried the new Caxcao location in Little Italy. Her bars were good, but didn't make me swoon. Presentation on them, however, is very nice. She does have some chocolate dipped (candied first?) jamaica flowers that look spectacular. Flavor is a little like dried cranberry. They're spikey and chewy.

      And if the adults in question imbibe, visit your nearest BevMo and check out the tiny bottles of booze. Lots of varieties,

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        Elegant Truffle - great idea. Close by there, pick up some goodies at cupcake squared. DD, I like your thinking with the mini bottles at Bevmo: Tia Maria, Presidente Brandy and White Kahlua. In keeping with my Point Loma locale, we stumbled onto the Pt. Loma Bevmo two Saturdays ago in our quest to find Carta Blanca without having to drive all the way down to Northgate. Not only were we successful, but found that this location has a much more varied and interesting stock of inventory than our lame little LJ store.

        Also, I know it's old fashioned and maybe not as "adult" or creative as Nessy is looking for, but I got a very expensive catalog in the mail last week from See's filled with lots of beautiful Easter goodies. Sometimes it's good to dance with the one that brought you.

        1. re: foodiechick

          See's seconds store outlet...Rosecrans & Sports Arena Blvd.

          Bordeaux Easter egg...

      2. How about something without "assembly required"?

        If you want ready-made ones, you should perhaps check with Extraordinary Desserts.

        I am told that in years past that have put together ready-made Easter Baskets with all sorts of in-house goodies. Call-ahead, of course, and place your order in advance.

        1. Chi Chocolate, 2690 Historic Decatur Road, in Liberty Station (across the street from Con Pane) is the best small batch, artisanal chocolate shop I know of in San Diego. Very helpful staff. Expensive but worth it.

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          1. re: sandiegomike

            Thanks everyone! Great chocolate ideas! Bevmo little bottles a great touch. Had already placed a Sees order through a school fundraiser. Chi, elegant truffle, Caxao, ex. Desserts all have some great stuff.