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Apr 6, 2014 07:35 AM

Low key Sunday brunch near French Quarter?

My friends and I will be staying in the French Quarter in a few weeks. We have most of our meals planned, but we are a bit stumped by Sunday brunch (Easter Sunday). I've done a lot of research on the boards, and it seems like many of the top recs are fairly expensive or high end. We are looking for a low key, chill atmosphere, with or without music and really good, simple food. We are coming from boston, so eating outside is a big plus. We don't have a budget, per se, but we don't want a "formal" atmosphere.

As for us, I'm an industry person and everyone else is super into food so we are game for anything.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Try Green Goddess. It's a hole in the wall in the quarter serving up great food. Damn good Bloody Mary too!

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        i second BayouTeche's recommendation of EAT. The FQ will be jammed, make a reservation NOW. EAt is BYOL, so make a big Zing Zang Bloody Mary in case you have a wait. Bring your wine, etc. Wonderful breakfast, brunch and lunch fare.

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          heres a vote against...went for dinner and brunch, but never saw the appeal. may try again, some year.

        2. I was in New Orleans a few weeks ago and after trying a few crowded place, we went to Booty's Street Food in the Bywater and everyone in our group loved it.
          Good drinks, interesting food, cool looking restaurant and no wait.

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            to be contrarian again, we've had super long waits getting our food out of this kitchen for brunch...they were deep in the weeds and we were contemplating leaving. Maurepas nearby had their brunch ship in order.

          2. EAT is an excellent recommendation -- I didn't realize they took rezzies for brunch, that's a must -- as is the Green Goddess (which has outside tables).

            The Booty's suggestion isn't terrible. I'm not a big fan of the place for reasons that have nothing to do with the food and all to do with the asshat attitude of the ownership. If you were looking to escape the FQ for a bit, both Maurepas Foods and Suis Generis do a very good Sunday brunch.

            At SG yesterday I had a roast boar, egg, and cheesy grits dish that was excellent, followed by a papaya pop-tart (dessert at breakfast!). It's a small point but gosh I like it when the scrambled eggs come out seasoned. I'm also keen on their bloody mary which tends towards chunky and spicy. Kind of an under the radar place that's impressed me the last few visits. I hear reports that the food can be inconsistent but haven't run into that. Cash only.

            A couple weeks back I had a pretty killer omelet at Sugar Park and a better than the odds bloody mary. Super relaxed place, not at all busy, and outdoor seating. I think brunch is a new thing for them and it's yet to be overrun, especially before noon.

            1. Feelings in the Marigny - and no it has nothing to do with the song. The patio is wonderful this time of the year. You can early walk there from the lower Quarter.