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Apr 6, 2014 07:30 AM

piccolo angolo?

Has any of you been recently?

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  1. It has been a while for me, but I have always enjoyed this place, usually the owner is there, and entertains my horrible Italian, and the food has always been a notch above. Great space also.

    Sorry, weak review, but Im vaguely, generally, a fan of this spot.

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    1. Trying to bump this up for this weekend!! Piccolo Angolo or Fatty Crab?

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        1. re: smilingal

          Used to be my go to Italian when younger with lots of friends. Haven't been in years, but please do update on experience if you go.

          1. re: Love to Eat

            I realized that it was not near the theater we are going to after all. We are ending up at pagani's.

            1. re: smilingal

              I've been to pagani a few weeks ago...
              In my opinion is a notch below piccolo angolo. Food is just ok, not great, prices are on the higher side and when we went out we all said that considering all the good italian places in the neighborood we wouldn't go back.

              Piccolo Angolo is 10 minutes walking from Pagani and da Marcella is 5 minutes away. Both better options in my opinion.

              1. re: alepenazzi

                Thanks! Will keep that in mind. Savored's 25% off Pagani leveled that playing field! We enjoyed it.