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Apr 5, 2014 10:06 PM

Marcona almonds in Calgary?

Any idea where I can find marconas in Calgary? Just never really noticed and not excited about a wild weekend hunt across the city! I've heard Costco in other cities, but for those who've tried Costco - are they pretty fresh??

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  1. Costco has had Marconas, don't know if they always stock them. They are roasted, not fresh. If you want fresh almonds, not Marcona though, Basha has them. If you want roasted Marconas, just make sure the best before date is months out. We've bought them and they are very good, will buy more.

    1. Bite Groceteria and Cookbooks co have them and I believe they're unsalted/unroasted.

      I bought them from costco once and found them quality pretty good.

      1. Found them also at Peasant cheese shop on Kensington, next to the wine market! Super fresh and lots of other goodies in there also.

        Thanks everyone!