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Apr 5, 2014 08:39 PM

Charlotte area question: Are there any growers-only type farmers' markets in the area?

I'm new to the area, and have found that the two markets I've visited aren't thie growers-only type I was hoping to find. Any suggestions?

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  1. Which ones did you visit? Are you talking about now, or last summer? The Atherton Market, in South End, is growers only, as is the Mecklenburg County Farmers Market on Harding Place. The large NC Farmers Market is a mixture, but has a lot of local growers once the season kicks in. Poplin Farms is an especially good local producer who sells there. I believe both Davidson and Mathews have growers only markets, also once the season kicks in.

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      Thank you so much -- this is exactly what I needed to find out.

    2. Yes, the Matthews Community Farmers Market was the first grower-only in this market. Co-founder Sammy Koenigsberg took his inspiration from the Carrboro Market. The Davidson Farmers Market also is grower-only. The Atherton has a mix of mostly grower-only, although it does have stands like the Food Hub that gathers local produce in one place. And the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market has a number of local growers on Saturday mornings, and most of them are labeled local-only.