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Apr 5, 2014 06:48 PM

Lazy Boy Saloon and Lazy Boy Lounge - White Plains

I heard that Lazy Boy Saloon and Lazy Boy Lounge in White Plains have been sold. I don't know if the name is staying the same or if new venues will be open in their place. Has anyone else heard about this?

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  1. Hadn't heard that. It would be a big shame if it was replaced. Not only does the beer selection elevate it above all the other pubs on Mamaroneck Avenue, it's also the only pub on the strip that doesn't feel like a meat market on the weekends and summer evenings. It's decent for bar food as well, certainly better food than places like The Black Bear.

    1. That would really be terrible if it closes. I worked the door and beertended for a few months there back during the first year they opened when I was on break from college. I love their wings, and the great beer selection.

        1. The original comment has been removed