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Apr 5, 2014 06:44 PM

where do i find grits in yyc?

I would like to try to cook some grits art home. Can they be found in Calgary?

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  1. Grits are simply coarsely ground cornmeal, either yellow or white, so pretty much any grocery store has them. I suggest you try Tyler Florence's shrimp and grits, it's killer.

    1. With enough butter and yellow cheese, Italian polenta will pass for grits in the dark. :)

      1. You can find them at Bulk Barn.

        1. I have purchased grits at Safeway but you can probably find them in most grocery stores under the Bob's Red Mill brand. The label says Corn Grits (also known as) Polenta.

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            Bob's Red Mill now also sells 'white corn grits', with a similar coarseness. The grind is a more even, and bit finer than (most) stone ground grits.