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Apr 5, 2014 06:33 PM

Kraft PURE Refrigerated Salad Dressing in the GTA??

Used to buy this at my local Loblaws (Bathurst and St Clair) but it disappeared about 6 months back. Also not at Sobeys, No Frills or Fiesta Frms.

Specifically the low cal Asiago Caesar.


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  1. Well if Loblaws is anything like they used to be, they probably created their own version and dumped the original. Less money spent on that pesky product development hooey.

    1. And the answer is!!

      Heard back from Kraft direct. the entire product line has been discontinued. Guess the couldnt compete with renee's (which i think iis terrible).

      Oh well. Any have any recc for store bought creamy caesar dressings .