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Apr 5, 2014 05:37 PM

Mother's Day 2014

I am celebrating Mother's Day in Seattle this year. I have never been to Seattle and my mother has only been once and that was many years ago and she was there only a couple of days.
I would like to take her some place great for Mother's Day and am looking for suggestions. I don't want something super stuffy or overly fancy but I also don't want uber funky/hipster. A middle ground would be great. Good food, great atmosphere, possibly nice views.
I am staying in the Downtown area.

Also any other suggestions for places to eat on an average day would be great as well.

Thanks and sorry if I am being difficult.

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  1. you are not being any more difficult than someone who chooses the single busiest restaurant day of the year (worse than valentine's day or thanksgiving) to celebrate your love for your mother in a public place. no restaurant of any type will not be jammed - even Chinese restaurants (that superb escape on turkey day) will be packed with Chinese (and non-Chinese) mothers. that being said, I suggest you find a nice buffet which compensates for terrible understaffing by making you do most of it yourself. try salty's alki or the edgewater hotel where the food is decent (just...) and the views are unmatched. my own mother used to prefer going out the night before as she was no lover of huge crowds or poor service.

    1. May I suggest going for dinner rather than brunch? Even somewhere like Daniels on Lake Union is much more enjoyable after the brunch hordes leave.

      1. I'm sorry you're going out on mothers day, but if you have your heart set on being served on that day I'd make a reservation at Harvest Vine immediately before everything is booked. You will like this place unless you have some aversion to Spanish food

        Not super stuffy: check
        Not overly fancy: check
        Not full of hipsters/not hipster food: check
        Great food: check
        Great atmosphere: check
        Quick cab or drive from downtown: check

        Only thing you don't get is views.
        Do yourself the favor of getting the Cana de cabra cheese, you won't be disappointed.
        Good luck, you're brave going out on mothers day for brunch.

        1. I'm going to agree with everyone so far regarding the daunting crowds anywhere on Mother's Day. That said, I think you could win if you got a reservation (right away) at Palisade.

          It's a nice room with a great view. It is right on the water at a marina not far from downtown. Brunch is good, tables are far apart and it never feels crowded or rushed. It is definitely a Mother's Day kind of place :) I think your mom will be pleased.

          Plus, they have a nice black SUV and will pick you up and drop you off for free - no cab necessary (although it is a quick ride from downtown in a cab).

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            Now that I think of it, this is probably your best bet. Would probably be the one day this restaurant would get on my recommend list.

          2. Thank You so much everyone for the responses. I do know that Mother's Day is crazy. I am from Southern California and it is a zoo here as well. So, I know what I am in for. I appreciate all of the suggestions.
            If you all have any suggestions on places to go not on Mother's Day that would be great as well!