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In Search of a Great Burger

I know Las Vegas is known for high end food but how about a great burger? What do you recommend?

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  1. When I was in Vegas last year, I had an excellent burger at Delmonico steakhouse in the Venetian. Liked it so much that I might have to go back when I'm in town in a couple weeks.

    1. ...there are so many spots with burgers the better question is 'what do you value' in one?

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        Good question. I love a juicy burger and especially if there is a place that will cook a burger medium rare to rare. Thanks uhocky!

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          You're probably best served by Burger Bar. :-)

      2. My vote goes to Bachi Burger. Two locations--one in Summerlin, the other on Windmill near the airport. Their site seems to be down.

        1. KGB Burgers at Harrah's.

          1. My top three are Bouchon, BurGR (Gordon Ramsey), and the Country Club at the Wynn. Depending on when you go, Daniel Boulud is opening his DBGB in May.

            1. Just had a great burger at Society Cafe at Encore. It was a 60/40 blend of Angus beef and ground bacon. Made for a great baconny flavor with cheddar, pickles and crispy fried onions. Sister had a burger with peppered bacon and chevre... also wonderful.

                1. First of all, the guy who writes vegasburgerblog is an idiot. Don't believe anything he says, and don't waste your time on his site.

                  The "established" great burgers are:
                  Burger Bar
                  Bachi Burger

                  You'll be happy with those.

                  If you want the cosmic, anarchic, decadant, dangerous burgers, then there are two:
                  Fat Choy - fat choy burger
                  Rollin' Smoke - outlaw burger.

                  Nothing dainty about those babies.

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                    Anarchic? and decadent? oh my.... could I handle it? thanx for the recs....checking out Fat Choy now.

                  2. I love the burger at Mesa Grill, but it is only available at lunch.

                    1. Had the Farm Burger at Gordon Ramsey Burgr on Monday night. Duck bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese. Nice combo, and they will cook it as rare as you like. Truffle fries with homemade ketchup and aioli, chicken wings with Bleu cheese and a choc/caramel pudding shake. Way too much food, and impossible for 2 of us to finish, but we had to taste it all...

                      a solid 8/10, but more an overall rating than for the burger patty itself... worth a visit, IMO

                      1. Had the Grilled Beef burger at Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill. Cooked to order at Medium-Rare. Nice and pink in the middle and juicy. Added the Applewood smoked bacon. It was one of the best burgers I have ever had the pleasure of eating.