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Apr 5, 2014 01:03 PM

Miami with Kids!

Hi- I'm going to Miami with 3 kids (3, 5 and 10) and we are looking for great spots.. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great food but places that aren't too fancy as we will have 3 kids with us. Any suggestions welcome! We have a reservation at Prime Italian one night. Was thinking Barton G for the experience but looked at the menu and I'm not sure if it will work for the kids except the funnel cake. And I remember it being overpriced for meh food. Any insight?

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  1. Lucali
    Tongue & Cheek for brunch on weekend
    The Dutch
    PB Steak
    Harry's Pizzzeria
    Blue Collar

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      I would add Pubbelly to the mix as well. Normally, I wouldn't for the kids but they have excellent hamburgers and hot dogs on the menu right now, plus the mcbelly sandwich on the regular menu would probably appeal to them as well.

      Lucali is a particularly great place to take the kids as the nutella pizza is killer and they have an open area where the kids can watch how the pizza gets made (lots of kids are fascinated by this, I see them standing around watching the pizza get made all the time).

      PB Steak, Lucali and Pubbelly are all in the same area and you have the option of going to Emack and Bolio's for some very good ice cream afterwards as well...

    2. I'd recommend Puerto Sagua for breakfast. Super casual, pretty inexpensive, and lots of options. Definitely kid friendly.

      1. Green Street Cafe (brunch)
        Bombay Darbar (try to get a reservation)

        1. I'm speaking second-hand here about Barton G, but everyone I know who's ever gone has been disappointed in the food. Not that it's been bad, but they oversell and underdeliver.
          I second every one of Chowfather's recs with the exception of Macchialina. Not because of anything overt, but the waiter seemed particularly annoyed we had brought our 18 month old child at the time.
          I particularly like PB steak for brunch because of the vibe I get from the place.

          1. "overpriced for meh food" is a perfectly apt description of Barton G. Prime Italian isn't that great either - if you're set on going, be advised that portion sizes are tremendous (which I guess makes up for the price point some) and the kids should definitely consider sharing.

            Good suggestions from CF and TP. All of the Pubbelly places (Pubbelly, Pubbelly Sushi, PB Steak) probably particularly good.

            If you're looking for something a bit more upscale (since you've got Prime Italian and Barton G on your list) I might suggest instead Restaurant Michael Schwartz at the Raleigh Hotel. We just had a very nice meal there with a big family group, the outdoor seating on the back patio is kid-friendly, and they even had a kids' menu for the younger members of our party.