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Apr 5, 2014 12:20 PM

Where to get Japanese omakase?

Is there anywhere that offers an authentic omakase experience? By which I mean sitting at the sushi bar while the sushi chef gives you one nigiri at a time at a set price and chooses which fish to serve you.

I worry that if I request an omakase at most places, they won't know what I'm talking about.

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  1. MF Sushi

    Also Sushi Jin on Memorial and Kata Robata

    1. Most of the really good sushi places will have no problem with omakase at all, they generally prefer serving it. MF and Kata Robata are the most well known, but there's also (for a pile of money) Uchi and Kubos in Rice Village

      1. A better, and arguably more authentic omakase experience is a place that does _only_ omakase. In those places, the chef doesn't have to acquire and maintain popular fish, just the ones that he will serve in omakase. The other authentic omakase is when you talk to the itame and get to know him, and he gets to know your taste. You will start getting a true experience after a couple of visits.

        I have a place in tokyo (not sushi) where they've made for me a couple of courses of different ways of preparing the same dish, and asked me what I liked about the different preps, so they can cook perfectly for me the next time I come - but, as an obligation, I must no longer be polite with them. Being polite is easier, that's why it's my obligation to them.

        Any omakase only places in houston?