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Searching for good egg rolls!

Does anyone recall who the vendor was that sold egg rolls at Booth's Corner in the 90's. They were excellent! Any suggestions on the best egg rolls in Phila or surrounding areas?

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  1. What are you looking for in an egg roll? I find most egg rolls to be uniformly bland/boring..

    1. It's hard to beat Nectar's spring rolls.

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        But a spring roll is not an egg roll.. different wrappers.. size etc..

      2. What is the definition of an egg roll here? Some people use the term egg roll interexcchangeable with spring roll. Other people define an egg roll to be very different than a spring roll. Thanks.

        1. Funny, The Mister and I have wondered about this ever since Imperial closed (Montgomeryville over by 5 points)
          They were definitely home made there, never greasy, had a nice filling... with ground pork, shredded cabbage and I don't know what but they were Delicious!

          1. I always thought that this was an eggroll

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              C Garner:
              That IS an eggroll, but CWDonald is correct that there is a big difference. That difference is size. A spring roll is much narrower than an eggroll. I happen to prefer spring rolls to eggrolls.

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                I think size is only one of the difference. The warper and the fillings are different too.

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                  As C_K says, that is indeed an eggroll, the wrapper on a spring roll before cooking is about 1/2 as thick thus less doughy.
                  l was brought up on eggrolls, with large quantities of shrimp and a bit of cabbage to fill in the skin, have not seen them for decades.
                  In Paris only spring rolls l have found and am not much of a fan, though their dipping sauce here is awesome.
                  Sort of sweet and hot, like chicken chili sauce thinned out.

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                    <l was brought up on eggrolls, with large quantities of shrimp and a bit of cabbage to fill in the skin>

                    That sounds very nice.

              2. Sprng rolls are made with thin rice paper, the wrapper for an egg roll is thicker egg noodle wrapper...

                There are even spring rolls filled with red bean paste that are served as part of the spring festival.

                But, I really want to know what people think makes a good egg roll... large amounts of meat/shrimp.. crispness.. size.. not greasy? Spice? Dipping sauce?

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                  I don't think I have ever had a great egg roll, at least not through memory. I am guessing that a less "oily" or rather less "soggy" egg roll would be a welcome. To me dipping sauce is not very important. Either the egg roll was good and it was bad. The dipping sauce cannot break or make an egg roll.