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Apr 5, 2014 10:10 AM

German Whiskey/y to buy in BC

Hey guys

I need some guidance for where I can purchase German Made Whiskey/y.

I am located in Vancouver, and able to travel within BC or stretch to Seattle.


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  1. have a search here on CH BC board - - I remember someone asking about (I think) pear spirits a few months ago - and someone else here recommended the liquor shop (private) near Olympic Village in south False Creek - maybe they have info for you

    i assume you've already looked at the official LCB catalogue

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    1. re: Georgia Strait

      The Oly village store is Legacy. Well worth a try for out of the ordinary spirits. They carry a Scottish gin (Caorunn) I rather like that I've not seen elsewhere. Best to call them, their search function leaves a bit to be desired

    2. It would also help doing searches if you gave some specific names..

      1. I'm frankly unaware of any German whiskies in this market. Next time I'm at Legacy, I can check, but I can't say I've seen any (and I'm a bit of a spirits geek/professional bartender). There are stranger things on this market though...

        1. Thanks for the input from everyone, I did not specify which distiller simply because I am open to what I can find in BC, we here in BC/Canada have very little choice of liquor( lots local wine maker), I usually cannot find whatever I really wanted to find, so I am open to ideas.

          Appreciated guyes, hopefully this discussion can be ongoing, so leave your comment no matter how far back you seen this post.