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Apr 5, 2014 10:09 AM

Homemade pierogis.

I have been buying them at Whole Foods and while they are good, I think I can find better. Anyone have a source in the Palm Beach or Broward area?

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    1. I was at Emile's in Deerfield yesterday and they have them - homemade on the premises. Stuffed with mushroom and sauerkraut or potato and cheese.

      1. Should change your title because they are not homemade if you buy them in a store. The two 'homemade' pierogy places we have in my city I found out started out 'homemade' but then as soon as they got bigger moved to a large commercial kitchen warehouse. Not sure how they can keep the 'homemade' name. Maybe partially handmade...

        There very easy to make at home. Esp if you have a pasta roller. Make a big batch and they freeze great!


          Don't stop at the perogies...the housemade sausages are phenomenal!

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            Are all these things made on premises?

          2. Charlie"s Meat Market in Palm Beach Gardens