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Apr 5, 2014 09:06 AM

Help in Hempstead

Going to my first Islanders game today and looking for a solid place for lunch for an adult and a teenager. Nothing fancy. Nothing high end. All I see is strip malls and chain places when I look at maps. Anybody familiar with good eats in the Heampstead/East Meadow/Garden City/Franklin Square area?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. A bit late I guess... it looks like you may have posted on the wrong board... easy to do if you're not familiar with the NYC metropolitan area or the TriState area. Long Island does not yet have its own board.

      since you ask for "Help in Hempstead", and elaborate further into "Heampstead/East Meadow/Garden City/Franklin Square area" with a teenager,

      I'll make a couple of recommendations for a lunch place or two.

      Hempstead - Nakisaki International Restaurant

      Uniondale - Chipotle Mexican Grill directly across from the Nassau Coliseum.

      West Hempstead - Avli The Little Greek Kitchen

      East Meadow - Sabroso Dominican Restaurant

      Garden City / Westbury - Thomas's Ham and Eggery

      Franklin Square - Alpine Diner

      Elmont - Gino's Pizza on Dutch Broadway for the best pizza on Long Island.

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      1. re: Gastronomos

        Nakisaki in Hempstead has been closed two years. A loss, for sure.

        1. re: Dyna

          Too bad. I was last there around 2010.

          I'll also add that since the two brothers sold Sabroso in East Meadow, the prices have gone up and the girls behind the counter are not well versed on their own menu items. Still good though...

      2. Thanks for the recommendations. Wound up going to a brewpub in Franklin Square which was fine if nothing special (beers werent bad). Was curious about their "Hoegaarden Mussels" but played it conservative and got a burger. Works well for teens though. Next time Im in the area will check out Gino's. The pizza is really that good?

        Oh and sorry about putting this in the wrong NY thread. I figured if I put it in the NY State thread a bunch of people from Albany and Buffalo would have no clue and that Queens isnt THAT far from western LI but a native recently told me thats not really how it works. Chalk it up to the perspective of a Washingtonian on the road in NY...

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        1. re: Insidious Rex

          Croxley Ales in Franklin Square is a good spot. I see you're a beer fan...

          Gino's of Elmont really IS that good.

          and there's some talk about Long Island and a separate board, but it'll never happen. that native told you correctly.

          Happy Chowhounding!