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Apr 5, 2014 08:21 AM

Songkran 2014 -- this Sunday 4/6/14

So, the 11th annual Songkran festival on Hollywood Blvd. at Western is this weekend. Any tips from previous attendees?

Also, the Wat Thai page is down, but I'm assuming they'll probably do something as well in the next two weeks or thereabouts.

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  1. Good heads up. Sounds like good place for Thai street food?

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      You would think---but, no. I went a couple of years ago and it's a thai themed street fair. Most of the food booths were serving the exact same things: pad thai, satay, fried rice, fish cakes/balls. In order to drink beer, you have to stay in a fenced in area in the Reun Pair plaza parking lot. Unless you want to watch thai boxing, a beauty contest or something like that your much better just going out for thai food at your favorite place. If you just feel like getting out for the day and walking around thai town, then go.

    2. Biked Ciclavia, then headed over.

      Close to 200 yards of food vendors. Lots of good Thai street food.

      Kanom krok with green onion. Som tum with raw blue crab. Mango and sticky rice with sweet coconut milk and seeds. Goong ten. Yam pla-duk fu. Something simply called popping fish balls.

      Lots of former Wat Thai vendors that I haven't seen in years.

      They'll be out there until 6:00, or until they run out of food.

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        glad to hear that they got better food vendors. I was really disappointed the year that I went.